KILLED (2008-2011) is an ongoing series of mixed media portraits on metal of children who lost their lives in the Northern Ireland conflict.

It has been exhibited at the University of Wisconsin, Madison’s
Theater Gallery in Dec 2010
and the Uri-Eichen Gallery in Chicago in Mar 2015


Manus Deery, aged 15, shot by British soldier, Derry, May 19th 1972.
Mixed media on steel plate.


Desmond Healey, aged 14, shot by British soldier, Belfast, August 9th 1971.
Mixed media on aluminum.


Oran Doherty, aged 8, killed by RIRA car bomb, Omagh, August 15th 1998.
Mixed media on aluminum.


Patrick Rooney, aged 9, shot by Royal Ulster Constabulary, Divis Flats, Belfast, August 14th 1969.
Mixed media on aluminum.


Paul Maxwell, aged 15, killed by IRA bomb,  Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo, August 27th 1979.
Mixed media on aluminum.


Julie Livingstone, aged 14, shot by British  soldier, Belfast, May 13th 1981.
Mixed media on aluminum.


Geraldine McKeown, aged 14, shot by Ulster Volunteer Force, Belfast, December 8th 1976.
Mixed media on zinc.


Stephen Geddis, aged 10, shot by British soldier, Divis Flats, Belfast, August 28th 1975.
Mixed media on steel plate.


Frankie Rowntree, aged 11, shot by British  soldier, Belfast, April 22nd 1972.
Mixed media on aluminum.


Michael McIlveen, aged 15, beaten to death by Loyalists, Ballymena, May 8th 2006.
Mixed media on steel plate.


Anthony McDowell, aged 12, shot by British soldier,  Belfast, April 19th 1973.
Mixed media on steel plate.                               


James Barker, aged 12, killed by RIRA car bomb, Omagh, August 15th 1998.
Mixed media on aluminum.


Jonathan Ball, aged 3, killed by IRA bomb, Warrington, England, March 20th 1993.
Mixed media on steel plate


Kevin Heatley, aged 12,shot by British soldier, Newry, February 28th 1973.
Mixed media on steel plate.


Breda Devine, aged 1, killed by RIRA car bomb,  Omagh, August 15th 1998.
Mixed media on steel plate.

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